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New Art Gallery in San Diego

Kevin Baker Vicki Leon artist san diegoThere is a new and unique art gallery in San Diego, the Poplar House Gallery, owned and operated by the acclaimed artist Vicki Leon. The Poplar House Gallery, at 4125 Poplar Street in Azalea Park, is part of a residential house that has been converted by Vicki into a space for art creation and display. In addition to the newly opened gallery, the property serves as the working art studio for Vicki Leon, and the headquarters of the Azalea Park Mosaic League, which sponsors many community art projects.

I was invited to join Vicki and one other artist, Florence Delacruz, at the opening event held on the 2022 Vernal Equinox. The initial show features Vicki’s sculptures and jewelry in glass and mixed media, Florence’s portraiture work using archival grade colored pencil, and my vases of blown glass. It is quite an honor to be exhibited alongside other very accomplished artists whose work I greatly admire.

Artist Experience at Poplar House Gallery

The opening started in the afternoon so that the work was naturally sunlit. We welcomed a steady stream of invited guests and offered food and drinks as they toured the gallery. I had many stimulating conversations with guests as I tended the bar. I loved sharing my enthusiasm for blown glass and took the opportunity to answer questions about my process and the art of glassblowing in general. Every piece of blown glass tells a story to the initiated eye. It is my intention to inform the viewer so that they may see the story of creation that is told by the finished object. I also enjoy hearing the reactions and insights of others about my work, which informs my process in the future. Since my work is largely abstract, I find it important to hear the interpretations of others and to relate my own motivations and feelings about the pieces. This completes the energy cycle which propels the work.

Come see the art at the Poplar House Gallery for yourself. The gallery can be visited by appointment only, so please contact me for arrangements.